In Russia appeared the first robot Concierge

In Russia appeared the first robot Concierge

The first robot the watchman on the basis of Promobot V. 2 has taken over the service in an apartment house in Bataisk. His responsibilities will include monitoring the house, remembering all the people coming and going, calling the police and municipal services, and more.

Concierge. Robot Concierge

Promobot V. 2 in this interview said that he was not doorman and Concierge: “Lost the Soviet Union, says the robot, and with him gone ugly houses, and watchmen. A new era has begun!”. Obviously, the time has come robots-Concierge — what next? To the machines file by hand.

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What can?

Cyber janitor can remember people falling into the entrance (and he will know everyone in person) to welcome them and to read them the latest news and tell about the weather. In addition, the robot will assume the duties of the senior on the porch: it will automatically collects requests for repair work, the feedback from residents and requests to the management company.