GP was interested in comparing the Latvian Deputy of the Russian lice


RIGA, 31 Jul – RIA Novosti. A public activist from Latvia Vladimir Linderman said that the Prosecutor General’s office will consider his appeal on the criminal case against the Deputy of the Sejm Edwin Schnoor, comparing Russian with head lice.

A statement to the Prosecutor General’s office, Linderman sent July 11. “I received word from the state office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation”, — he wrote on Monday on his page on Facebook, making it clear that the response of the Russian authorities stating that his appeal will be considered.

Linderman writes, “assimilation of Russian-speaking residents of Latvia lice, and the use of the offensive phrase “Russian louse” in the overall context of the article is action aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, and also on humiliation of dignity of a group of persons on the grounds of nationality and language are implemented with the use of the media”. In a statement to the Prosecutor General, he noted that the statement Schnoor falls under article 282 of the Russian Criminal code (“inciting hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity”).

In the publication “National news” may 19, an article was published Schnoor, in which he refers to the words of the pre-war Minister for social Affairs, Adolf Berzins: “If once allowed Russian lice in a fur coat, to take her will be difficult.” The MP also noted that “the description in Soviet time Russian though constantly criticized Latvia, it does not leave.”

The Commission of the Saeima of Latvia made Schnoor verbal warning is the mildest of possible penalties, the Latvian security police, these statements did not find evidence of a crime.

Russian legislation provides for the possibility of criminal prosecution of aliens who committed a crime outside the Russian Federation, if the crime is directed against interests of Russia or against the interests of the citizen of Russia. In Latvia there are approximately more than 40 thousand Russian citizens. Humiliating to human dignity statement Schnoor addressed including them, three Lebanese source says.