Electromagnetic catapult launched the aircraft on the sea

Electromagnetic catapult launched the aircraft on the sea

After a half hour flight the plane landed on an aircraft carrier with Electromechanical arresting gear.

New us aircraft carrier “Gerald Ford” July 28, 2017 first launched carrier-based aircraft using electromagnetic catapults EMALS. According to the U.S. Navy, about half an hour later after that the plane made a successful landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier, a braking during which it was successfully performed Electromechanical arresting gear AAG.

Until 22 July 2017, all aircraft carriers, standing on the armament of the US Navy used to launch aircraft steam catapults and landing — hydro-mechanical arresting gear. “Gerald Ford” got a catapult and arresting gear that runs on electricity. Such devices have less mass and take up significantly less space.

EMALS is a linear induction motor with alternately disconnect and connect the segments. In a starting device of a special truck, which the plane clings to the front of the chassis moves between the two rails with electromagnets. The electromagnetic section after passing by them the truck off, and those to whom it comes, included.