Brechalov approved the resignation of the Prime Minister of the government of the Udmurt Republic


the press-service of head and government of Udmurt Republic

Acting head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov made the decision to dismiss Prime Minister of the government of the region Viktor Savelyev. On Monday, July 31, according to the website of the President.

“I can’t explain why, except to say that up to this point, in addition to the huge debt we have a budget deficit of more than five billion rubles. The government tried to carry out the work at a reasonable optimization, but it did not succeed”, — said Brechalov during the meeting of the Cabinet.

According to Brechalov, most likely before the election on 10 September, he will serve as President of the government. “I am grateful to Victor A. for work, but the situation today increases the demands on senior managers”, — he explained.

The head of the Republic also stressed that the team of the government will be only those Ministers who are willing to work in new ways — “effectively, responsibly, using new approaches and reserves”.

On 21 July the co-chair of the Central headquarters of the popular front (popular front) Alexander Brechalov filed documents for registration as candidate for the post of head of the Republic.

43-year-old Brechalov appointed acting head of the Udmurt Republic in early April. Elections of the head of the region held on September 10.