Accountant of Auschwitz were allowed to sit in prison

Oskar Groening

A former SS officer, known as the “Auschwitz bookkeeper” Oskar Groening for health reasons may serve his sentence in prison. It is reported by Spiegel.

The decision was made by the medical expert, announced the Prosecutor’s office in Hanover. However in the conclusion Groening needs to provide appropriate medical care. Protection intends to appeal against the Prosecutor’s decision: representatives Groening is unhappy that the doctor has rendered its opinion on the documents, not after examination of the patient.

15, 2015 former unterscharf├╝hrer SS Groening was sentenced to four years for complicity in the murder of at least 300 thousand people in the concentration camp of Auschwitz.

According to the investigation, Groening did not take a direct part in the destruction of people while working in the death camp. He was engaged in the inspection of property of prisoners during their arrival at the camp, and the confiscation from them of cash and valuables.