What will happen with the Russians in August 2017

What will happen with the Russians in August 2017

Brief overview of the main legislative changes.

From August 1 pensions to working pensioners will be increased in connection with the annual August adjustment of the size of insurance pension. For most workers, pensioners, the maximum increase will be about 220 RUB.

From August 1, buyers of electric energy will not pay for “load losses” on the wholesale market, but will pay the full cost of services on electricity transmission. The network organization will pay the full amount of actual losses and to receive payment of the full cost of services in transfer of electric energy.

From August 1, companies and individual entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to save on overalls. Now equipment for their employees, as well as protection of domestic production can be bought for the expense of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation. Prerequisite — clothing should be produced in Russia and from domestic materials.