Vladimir Putin: Moscow continues to advocate cooperation with Washington


RIA Novosti

Moscow continues to advocate cooperation with Washington, despite the sanctions that the United States authorities have imposed on Russia. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin in an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia-1”:

“We work and achieve results even now, even in this difficult situation. We have such a topic as the fight against illegal migration, crime in the broadest sense of the word organized. Finally, the issues of cybersecurity. We offered repeatedly to the American side to engage with each other to ensure that their interests and ours, and American, all around the world to control this kind of negative activity such as cybercrime. Instead of having to begin to work constructively, we only hear groundless accusations of interference in the internal Affairs of the United States.”

Last week, the U.S. House of representatives approved a bill on new sanctions against Russia. The restrictions will affect the construction of pipelines, metallogenic and freight. In the administration of the American President claim that Donald trump has hinted that he will soon sign a bill on anti-Russian sanctions. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.