Two sisters-American women arrested for fight with knives in front of the kids

American police in Albuquerque (nm, USA) has detained two sisters for the fight with knives, which are arranged in front of the kids. About this July 31, according to the TV station KOAT.

Police arrived home to the sisters early in the morning on July 28, after one of them called the station and said that the wounded with a knife. When the guards arrived, they saw that the two drunken women fighting. They were separated.

Sister explained that he does not remember what led to the altercation. Police found a house of three children. One of them the blood of women filled the whole face. The children were taken to a safe place, women were arrested for child abuse.

2 of may it became known that child abuse, lost custody of the author’s YouTube channel DaddyOFive Mike Martin (Mike Martin) and his second wife Heather (Heather Martin). They have documented and uploaded their cruel jokes on the Internet.