The Senator declared readiness trump to war with North Korea

Lindsey Graham

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said that the President of the United States Donald trump is ready for a military solution of problems of nuclear and missile programs. About this politician said in an interview with NBC.

According to Graham, trump will not allow Pyongyang to have ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads aimed at the United States. “If we need war to stop [the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-UN] — there will be war. If thousands die, and they die there, not here. He [trump] told me right in the face,” said the Senator.

On July 29, the DPRK confirmed the launch of a ballistic missile “And 14”. The North Korean Agency KCNA reported that the test did not pose a threat to neighboring countries, however, is “a stern warning for the United States.”

Later, the state Department stated that it strongly condemn the launch. Secretary Rex Tillerson laid a special responsibility for the rising tensions around North Korea to Russia and China. According to him, Moscow and Beijing allow Pyongyang to develop its nuclear and missile programs, while Washington and are looking for a peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and will never recognize the right of the DPRK on nuclear weapons.

July 4, Russia and China issued a joint initiative of proposing to the DPRK to declare a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches, and South Korea and the United States to refrain from conducting large-scale military exercises in the region.