Ryabkov called on the US to follow the example of Russia in relation to Syria


RIA Novosti

Russia and the United States, despite the odds, have done a lot of work on creating areas of de-escalation in Syria, and this suggests the possibilities of further cooperation, said the Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Ryabkov.

“I think that what is happening in Syria regarding the establishment of zones of de-escalation in the South-West of the country is very bright and impressive example of what can still be done

we are working on a humanitarian issue, and, despite all the differences, we made a major breakthrough in the program on chemical disarmament in Syria,” Ryabkov said in an interview with ABC.

He noted that while “Syria must decide for itself how to act, and the task of Russia and the USA — to help her.”

“That’s the whole point of the Russian policy towards Syria, and we urge the United States to follow this example”, — said Ryabkov.

Earlier Ryabkov said the fact of the meeting with a Russian man close to the crime in the United States.