Rogozin told about overcoming fatigue through poetry


RIA Novosti

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in an interview commented on poems written by him on a song about teenage love about Lenka-naked knee. Material published on Monday, July 31, on the newspaper’s website.

The official explained that through writing poems, he manages “to overcome fatigue and stress.”

“I used to relax, and to switch the activity. And since the work is connected with frequent trips, I spend many hours in airplanes. It’s a long trip (…). So while some passengers in the ship or in the train asleep, I try to distract myself with creativity from the things you have to think constantly,” — said Rogozin, jokingly noting that in meetings with the President of Russia he his hobby time has not committed and is “to work on a hundred percent.”

Deputy Prime Minister added that in addition to works of love he has and work on other topics. They include songs about Transnistria, Sevastopol, and also about the beauty of Russia. “Now I have written a poem about the feat Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy. On my instructions it restored Museum. when I was there, something I felt, and gave birth to new line”, — he added.

On 26 July, Rogozin said in his Twitter that on the way to the Baikonur cosmodrome he composed a funny song about a sad story. “Lenka-ENKA, bare knee, bare knee, and two” — sung in the song of puppy love. The music to the words of Rogozin was written by the composer Andrei Ktitarev.