Rogozin: the Romanian foreign Minister refused landing in Moscow

Foreign Minister of Romania Teodor Melescanu did not fly in transit through Moscow after a history of failure to provide the aircraft on Board of which was Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the ability to cross the airspace of Romania, reports TASS.

“By the way, their foreign Minister wanted a span to stay in Moscow, in any case, already flew another route,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the Russian government. Where exactly was heading the foreign Minister of Romania, and when it happened, not reported.

28 Jul Rogozin flew to Chisinau in the passenger plane of airline S7. Due to the failure of Romania to miss the plane liner is back, but is forced to villages in Minsk at the end of the fuel.

“The Romanian authorities have endangered the lives of passengers of airliner S7, women and children. The fuel was enough to Minsk. Wait for an answer, you bastards,” wrote Deputy Prime Minister on Twitter.

The Minister of national defence of Romania Adrian Zuzanu declared that considers “absolutely inappropriate,” Rogozin’s reaction to the ban on flying the plane, according to the Agency Agerpres.

“Absolutely wrong, if you do not use other words,” said he, adding that it would prefer not to turn this into a discussion.