On the plaster of the temple read the “newspaper” of the XII century

On the plaster of the temple read the “newspaper” of the XII century

Scientists of the Institute of archaeology RAS during excavations in the Church of the Annunciation in the Settlement in Novgorod found a lot of graffiti in the first half of the XII century — including a kind of wall “chronicle”, the longest in Russia Glagolitic inscription, as well as many fragments of frescoes.

About it reported in a press release, the Institute received Indicator.Ru.

“All pieces of plaster from the walls of this temple we found 49 graffiti. Its value for historians and linguists, they are birch bark, as we see here the immediate response of Novgorod XII century on what is happening around them events,” said archaeologist Vladimir Sedov.

The Church is located in the environs of Novgorod, and is also called Rurik Settlement, as it is here in 862 he came to reign, Prince Rurik. The settlement has long played the role of residence of the Novgorod princes. The first stone Church on this site was built by order of the Novgorod Prince Mstislav the Great, son of Vladimir Monomakh, in the year 1103, apparently, in honor of the birth of the son of Vsevolod, in baptism Gavriil. The Church was decorated with frescoes. In 1342-1343 years on the orders of Grand Prince of Moscow Simeon the Proud old Church was destroyed and in its place was built a new one.