More than 80 percent of Russians called themselves happy

About 84 percent of Russians consider themselves happy. This is evidenced by data survey, national center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM) published on Tuesday, August 1, RIA Novosti.

A third of respondents (33 percent) makes a happy family, 14% children, 22% rejoice well-being of himself and his family. The discontent of the Russians cause financial problems (10 percent), poor health (5 percent) and unemployment (5 percent).

“The financial situation is not the only factor that determines the mood of the people. When economic difficulties are not of a critical nature, family well-being and normal health for a good mood is quite enough,” commented the leading expert-consultant VTSIOM Oleg chernozub.

The poll was conducted from 29 June to 1 July. It was attended by 1,800 people.

In April, the share of Russians who feels happy, has reached a historic high since 1990 and amounted to 85 percent. A high percentage are satisfied with their lives, sociologists have documented in all socio-demographic groups. The main causes of happiness, the Russians called the family, children and health.