Maduro expressed the pride-imposed sanctions

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that he is not afraid and proud of the sanctions imposed against it by the United States. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“I’m not afraid of the Empire, I’m an independent President of a free country against me imposed sanctions for a free election of such an institution as the national constituent Assembly? I feel proud of these sanctions,” the President said at an event in Caracas.

According to Maduro, U.S. President Donald trump “makes the serious mistake of your life, contact the Venezuela”. Thus the Venezuelan leader stressed that he is ready to reach out for dialogue American counterpart.

Monday, July 31, the U.S. Treasury announced sanctions against Maduro. It happened the day after the elections to the National constitutional Assembly (NCA), which, according to Washington, is designed “to illegally usurp the constitutional role of democratically elected national Assembly to rewrite the Constitution and install an authoritarian regime.” The Department called Maduro a “dictator ignoring the will of the Venezuelan people”.

In Venezuela on 30 July elections to the national constituent Assembly (constitutional Assembly). This body will be empowered to amend the Constitution.

In Venezuela several months of continued confrontation between the Maduro and the opposition, which after the election belongs to the majority in Parliament. The reason was the deep economic crisis in the country caused by the fall in world oil prices — the main export product. The riots are from the beginning of April, victims of collisions became more than 100 people.