In Russia celebrate Day of the Navy


Today is the Day of the Navy. It is celebrated on all four fleets — the Baltic, black sea, Northern and Pacific and in the Caspian flotilla. In the far East, the biggest celebration takes place in Vladivostok.

The start of the celebrations gave the naval parade of 13 ships, led by the missile cruiser “Varyag”. The program also includes a demonstration of artillery and torpedo firing, undermining the conventionally discovered mines, the destruction of a special forces patrol ships and the enemy’s camp on the shore.

The culmination of the show is the amphibious landings on 10 armoured vehicles from the big landing ship “Relight”. A traditional part of the celebration was the military-sports festival. This is an encounter of Neptune with marine special forces, and a parade of military equipment, as well as demonstrations of naval athletes. Just the celebration was attended by about 40 warships, motor boats, submarines and support vessels, more than 20 units of military equipment, coastal defense troops and more than a thousand servicemen of the Pacific fleet.