In Crimea responded to words Poroshenko about the

Senior researcher, Feodosia art gallery to them. I. K. Aivazovsky Olga Gutman said that the work of the famous painter of seascapes cannot be regarded as Ukrainian heritage, reports RT.

According to Gutman, the artist was born and lived in Feodosiya, owned at the time of the Russian Empire. In addition, he received his art education in St. Petersburg.

Thus the art critic commented on the words of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about the need to honor Ukrainian heritage. “In those days 200 years ago Theodosia was born in the famous Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky. To honor our heritage!” — he wrote in Facebook. His post, he was accompanied by the hashtag #GloryToUkraine

“Some time ago, when he published a new textbook of history of arts of Ukraine, and there appeared Borovikovsky Ukrainian painter Tropinin and so on. At the moment when the Crimea belonged to the Ukraine, Aivazovsky, too, was the Ukrainian artist. But, of course, Aivazovsky studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, and was brought up in the traditions of the Russian school of painting. I think it is right to call him a Russian artist,” she said.