American diplomats suspected of stealing things c Embassy dacha in Moscow

The staff of the Embassy of the United States could take diplomatic dacha in Serebryany Bor interior, which belong to Russia. Such concerns were expressed by the liberal democratic party in a statement published on the party’s website on Tuesday, August 1.

The liberal Democrats found it unacceptable, “the pilfering of Russian real estate” and recalled that the building was handed over to the American side only. “In this regard, the liberal democratic party expresses its protest against the export from the country in the Silver forest of all things belonging to Russia”, — stated in the message.

On Tuesday morning, the former summer residence of the Embassy left a convoy of three trucks, SUV, van and taxi, filled with furniture and boxes.

July 31, the press Secretary of the US Embassy Maria Olson complained that U.S. diplomats have already two days do not have access to the building, therefore can’t take your things. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov denied the allegations, stating that the problem was associated with the absence of the Americans permit the entry of trucks on the territory of the Silver Boron.

The U.S. Embassy until September 1, will reduce the total number of staff up to 455 people. In addition, from 1 August the staff of the American Embassy in Moscow forbidden to use the cottage in the Silver forest, and warehouse space on the Road outside. These measures were a response to a bill toughening anti-Russian sanctions approved by the U.S. Congress.