The predicted appearance of the Sun in future eclipses

The predicted appearance of the Sun in future eclipses

Astronomers from the National solar Observatory, USA showed the structure of the solar corona, what it will be during the solar Eclipse on August 21.

On the work of astronomers can be found on the website of the Observatory.

Although the Sun’s corona (upper layer of its atmosphere) may look like a vague halo, it has a fairly complex structure. The General pattern of the solar magnetic eld, which depends on the shape of a crown, can be compared with the location of metal shavings around a magnet, in fact, the scheme is much more complicated. To predict how it will look in the crown, can be fairly accurately for 27 days before the Eclipse the period of revolution of the Sun around its axis.

“The crown changes its shape over time and looks very different during solar maximums and solar minimums. During the periods of greatest activity, as during an Eclipse of 2012, the crown looks like a rough ring around the entire circumference of the Sun. But in periods of minima, as will be in August, structure of the crown remains difficult near the equator, but not so at the North and South poles of the Sun”, — said the employee of the National solar Observatory David Buboltz.

Total solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 will be visible in the U.S. — in an area the width of which is 110 kilometers, crossing the country from North-West to South-East. The greatest duration of the Eclipse will be 2 minutes 40 seconds.