The defense Ministry statement called Warsaw


RIA Novosti

The defense Ministry commented on the statement of the Polish “Institute of national memory”, called the recent publication by the military archive documents about the liberation of Poland in the years of the great Patriotic war “falsification of history”.

“Hardly expected any other comment from the so-called Polish “Institute of national memory” (INP). I was surprised only block the bile it was the “experts” who simply have nothing to refute published July 18 on the website of the Ministry of defense of Russia the historical facts about the benevolent attitude of the Polish population and the clergy to the soldiers of the red Army,” — said the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov.

He noted that the Ministry of defence of Russia will continue in the future publication of historical documents from the archival funds of the Agency devoted to the great Patriotic war and other historical periods. “To deprive the masses of the current “institutions” of obscurantism and historical concussion in Poland, Ukraine, and other “new European” States continue to deceive their peoples, falsifying the history of the great Patriotic war”, — said Konashenkov.