Pensioner tied up playing on the roof of his garage Teens in the suburbs

In Kolomna near Moscow pensioner, threatening with a pneumatic pistol, tied up teenagers, 13 and 14 because they played on the roof of his garage. On Monday, July 31, reports

The incident occurred July 27 in the garage-construction cooperative “Stroitel-1”. 71-year-old man heard on the roof of his Boxing someone runs. When he went outside, he found upstairs neighbour two boys who stood near their bikes.

Threatening with a pneumatic pistol, pensioner teen tied to a pole. While the man brought the boys bikes in your garage, they ran away. The children appealed to a local hospital, where staff called the police.

In respect of the pensioner initiated a criminal case on illegal deprivation of freedom not connected with its abduction.

At the end of June in Yakutsk, the store clerk sealed with tape his mouth and shook the hands of a seven year old who stole a chocolate. The man released the boy after he stood up the shopper. 35-year-old salesman was arrested, he admitted guilt in full. Against men opened a criminal case under paragraph “d” of part 2 of article 127 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Illegal deprivation of freedom not connected with his kidnapping committed against a minor”).