In Kiev demolished a fast food joint along with visitors

In Kiev demolished a fast food joint along with visitors

Zabolotnogo street in Kyiv carried a fast food joint with customers inside. On Monday, July 31, according to Facebook public “Kiev Operational”.

“Today, ( … ), the developer with the help of special equipment began dismantling the junk food with visitors inside,” — says the publication. Indicates that there is information about one affected.

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“Dismantled a food item for the drivers of route vehicles,” reads the post.

July 25, a resident of the Ukrainian capital Galina Yatsishin wrote in Facebook that the night was smashed some objects on the market near the metro station “Forest”. Among them was a pet store. “Rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, fish and birds died from stress during the pogrom and under the rubble,” — said the lady. “Strenia” I learned that the only survivor rabbit, Guinea pig and two mice.

The police opened a criminal case on usurpation and theft: arrived at the scene of the demolition of the law enforcement officers did not provide documents for dismantling, in addition, the outlets were stolen some things. Six people were arrested, four units of heavy construction equipment were seized.

In the Kiev mayor’s office said that the demolition of buildings on the market was carried out by the Executive office of the district court decision. The fact that these structures were there illegally, and the lessee of the land went to court to have them removed. However, as the “Segodnia” in the main Department of justice in Kiev said that the representatives of Executive service have no relationship to it, and who carried out the dismantling of the unknown.