Chechen girl has addressed in SKR and the state office of public Prosecutor for check in Voronezh

A native of Chechnya, has sent an appeal to Russia’s Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry with a request to prosecute police officers from Voronezh, demanded to show documents during a walk. This was reported in the Monday, 31 July, RIA Novosti lawyer Andrei Mironov.

“Today appealed to the SC, the Prosecutor General and interior Ministry statements about bringing the perpetrators to justice, was asked to take the matter under control”, — said the defender. According to him, it is not only about police, but about the unknown woman who insulted girls. They want to hear from her a public apology.

In the management of the TFR in the Voronezh region on July 28 reported that according to media reports about illegal actions of the unknown guards organized check. It was noted that “measures will be taken to the establishment of the police, evaluation of the legality of their demands and actions.”

As reported by the portal “Notepad Voronezh”, the incident occurred July 27 in one of the streets of the city and was filmed on video. Two urozhenka Chechnya with the children, came three young men. Two of them were in civilian clothes, they presented themselves as police officers and asked to produce documents, the identity is not shown.

Girls, one of whom is 17 years, noted that they are citizens of Russia, papers on while walking did not take. The guards responded by inviting them to get to the office, but refused to explain the reason for the requirements. Woman called relatives, they came to father and brother. After some time the young man was handcuffed, put in the car and together with the senior man was taken to the police. While passers-by commented on what was happening, and one of the older women abused girls.

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on his page on Instagram called the incident a disgrace. “Cause “passport control” conducted by young people with a distinctive sporty appearance, a nationality of citizens of Russia residing long time in Voronezh. Also, the reason is that they are the handkerchiefs” — he said.