An employee of the Bank in Spain stole an elderly Russian 1.3 million euros

An employee of one of the Spanish banks have kidnapped the 80-year-old Russian about 1.3 million euros. The theft continued for 25 years. It is reported by El Pais.

In 1992, a Russian citizen (his name is not called) opened a dollar account at a Bank in the town of Rojales located in Alicante. Service account for all time worked by the same employee. Man, coming to Spain, asked for statements to the Bank, the woman forged documents, so the Russians did not arise any suspicion.

“The last time he requested a more detailed statement and found that something is not right and that in total, it lacks the order of 1.3 million euros”, — quotes RIA Novosti news Agency words of one of the sources in the Civil Guard of the province of Alicante.

It is noted that cash from his account, the crook was shot in that moment, when he was in Russia. The employee used the stolen money for personal purposes — during which time she was able to buy an expensive house and a car and travel around the world.

51 woman detained in the town of Almoradí. After questioning she was released until the trial. She is suspected of fraud and falsification of documents.