Scotland was worried about whisky in connection with Brexit

Scotland was worried about whisky in connection with Brexit

The Scottish government turned to the London court with the requirement to protect at the legislative level, Scotch whisky exports after the UK’s exit from the EU (Brexit). On Sunday, July 30, reports BBC News.

The Minister of economy Scotland Keith brown recalled that the export of alcoholic beverage brings to the country four billion pounds ($5.25 billion) per year.

It is very important that we maintain robust legal protection for Scotch whisky, which is why I asked for clarification from the UK government, was this question part of the negotiations during the visit of Minister of foreign trade in the United States.Keith Brunnenstr economy of Scotland

Brown also pointed to the inadmissibility of consideration of the British Cabinet “trade deals that threaten the value and reputation of Scottish produce”. Separately, he noted the mess, according to him, is the basis of the position of the Kingdom on Brexit.

The Minister added that Scotland should be confident that future agreements between the UK and the EU “will not threaten the livelihoods of our farmers and producers.”

In August 2016, after it became known the results of voting for Brexit, sales of Scotch whiskey rose by 30-40 percent. “It’s like “black Friday” whiskey”, — said the representative of the retail on The Whisky Exchange don Davis, noting that “it was a crazy surge in sales”.

During the voting on Brexit in June 2016 England and Wales were in favour of leaving the EU, while Scotland and Northern Ireland are against it. However, the supporters of secession scored 51.9 percent of the vote.