Putin has approved a law abolishing the free baggage allowance for non-refundable tickets

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a law that makes it unnecessary to carry free of charge baggage with non-refundable tickets. The relevant document on Sunday, 30 July, published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

For holders of return tickets weight limit of free baggage allowance will be ten pounds. The document stresses that airlines are obliged to inform travelers about conditions to transport their things.

In addition, the law gives the carrier the right to establish a rule hand baggage free of charge, in accordance with the rules approved by the Federal air transport Agency. The dimensions of the object should allow it to be placed in the cabin of the aircraft.

The airline can refuse a passenger in flight if he does not want to purchase the baggage on the conditions stipulated in the contract of carriage.

On 25 July, the Federation Council approved a law abolishing the free baggage allowance for passengers with non-refundable tickets. Earlier this month the document in its final reading was adopted by the state Duma.

Non-refundable tickets appeared in Russia in June 2014, after the entry into force of the relevant amendments to the Air code.