Poroshenko attributed to Aivazovsky to the cultural heritage of Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko urged to honor Ukrainian heritage in connection with the 200th anniversary of the artist Ivan Aivazovsky. The politician on Sunday, July 30, wrote on his page in Facebook.

“In those days 200 years ago Theodosia was born in the famous Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky. To honor our heritage,” reads the post of the Ukrainian leader.

Recording in social networks, he added the hashtag #GloryToUkraine (“Glory to Ukraine” — approx. “Of the tape.ru”).

Ivan Aivazovsky — an outstanding artist of Armenian origin, was born in 1817 in the Crimea, which were at that time part of the Russian Empire.

The Peninsula returned to Russia following a referendum in March 2014. For this decision voted by the majority of inhabitants of Crimea. Kiev does not recognize the results of the plebiscite, Moscow insists that the referendum was held in accordance with international law.