Poland has accused Russia of falsifying history


RIA Novosti

The Russian authorities are trying to falsify the history of the red army’s liberation of Poland from Nazi occupation. With such a statement was made by representatives of the Polish Institute of national memory. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“Trying to put the Polish side in the position of “gratitude” for the “liberation” from German occupation, the Russian side should remember that Polish lands were under probably the most brutal occupation as a result of the treaties concluded by the Soviet Union with the Third Reich in August and September 1939, and the essence of these agreements was the destruction of Poland by both totalitarian States,” reads the statement.

The statement of the Institute of national memory associated with the publication on 18 July the Russian Ministry of defense classified documents about the liberation of Poland. Up to this point declassified archives were available only to a narrow circle of scientists. According to the documents, the Polish population favorably towards the Soviet troops. In Poland, stated that the purpose of the publication was “an idealization of the painting “liberation”. On July 17 the President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed a law on decommunization involving the demolition of Soviet monuments throughout the country. In Moscow the decision of the head of state has called “outrageous provocation.” During the Vistula-Oder liberation operation killed 40 thousand Soviet soldiers. Poland was occupied by German troops from September 1939 to February 1945. During the occupation killed six million poles and 20% of the population.