Poland commented on the launch of sanctions by the European Union

Poland commented on the launch of sanctions by the European Union

Warsaw has taken note of the EU’s decision to launch sanctions procedures and ready to provide a detailed response to the charges.

This is stated in the statement of the Polish foreign Ministry published on the Ministry website.

On 29 July the European Union expressed dissatisfaction held in Poland the reform of the judiciary, which is contrary to European law.

In particular, there was criticism of the new provision of law under which the Minister of justice may, at its discretion, to dismiss and appoint the presidents of courts, to extend the mandate of the judges who have reached retirement age.

Members of the EC believe that thus threatened the independence of the system and the principle of the irremovability of judges. The European Commission has sent an official recommendation to the Polish authorities, which gives the country a month to eliminate claims.

The Polish foreign Ministry explained that “the role of presidents of courts in the judicial system of Poland is mainly of an administrative character”.

Earlier the adviser of the President of Poland on international Affairs Krzysztof Merski stated that “the EC has embarked on a path that leads to nowhere”, because it has no competence in the question of the Polish judicial reform, reports RIA Novosti.

In the case of the adoption of sanctions against Warsaw, Poland can be denied the right to vote in the European Council.