Istanbul, the women staged a March against the restrictions of wearing apparel

Several hundred women in Istanbul staged a protest against the violence and restrictions in clothing. On it informs Agency Reuters.

The March was called “just let me get dressed.” Many of the participants were holding banners instead of denim shorts on hangers as an example of clothes that recently were considered “unacceptable”, although Istanbul is considered relatively tolerant city.

One of the most publicized in the local media the case was the June incident when a local woman on the bus was beaten by a man because it in the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan was “inappropriate” clothes.

In September 2016, experts from the sociological center Pew Research Center published a study according to which the inhabitants of many Muslim countries are quite tolerant of women retreating from the demands of Islam in matters of clothing. More than half of the population of Turkey and Tunisia expressed the hope that women dress like they want (56 and 52 percent, respectively). In Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, these figures are only slightly less (47 and 49 percent, respectively).