In the Moscow city Duma started thinking about the ban on gyrometer in the subway

The Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Commission on security Inna Svyatenko said about the need to prohibit the carriage and use on the territory of Moscow metro gyrometers and monowheels. This was reported by RIAMA.

“Often young people use gyrometers and other modern sports vehicles to move the platform from the subway car to the escalator and back, and even during peak hours, taking advantage of the fact that they are not specified in the rules of use of the metro, like roller skates, bicycles or scooters, and hence the reprimand not to do, and not be fined,” said Svyatenko.

The politician urged to update the list of prohibited use and transportation in metro items to make “any new-fangled vehicles”. Such changes may be adopted by resolution of the government of Moscow.

Existing rules ban the transportation of metro and use the metro stations, rollers, bicycles, except folding, as well as skateboards and scooters. This prohibition applies to the territories of stations and podulichny passages of the subway.