In a shooting at a party in Germany a man died

In a shooting at a party in the German city of Constance (Federal state of Baden-w├╝rttemberg) one person was killed, three were seriously wounded, among them a police officer. On Sunday, July 30, according to MDR.

The fire early Sunday morning, at 04:30 (05:30 GMT), opened the 34-year-old man. Later the alleged offender in a shootout with police was seriously injured and later died in hospital.

The police finds out the reasons and circumstances of the incident.

On 28 July, in one of the supermarkets in the German city of Hamburg armed with a knife man attacked the people who were there. As a result one person was lost, seven more got wounds. A suspect in the terrorist attack were detained. It was the 26-year-old native of the UAE. In Germany, he arrived in search of asylum, however, the German authorities rejected his application. The man was about to be deported within a few days.