Hawaii passed a law against the “smartphone zombies”

Hawaii passed a law against the “smartphone zombies”

Honolulu became the first major American city which forbade pedestrians to look into the phone numbers, write messages and use digital devices while crossing the road.

The ban in the largest city of Hawaii will come into force in October, it aims to reduce the number of injuries and deaths in the “careless walking”.

Violators on their electronic devices – including laptops and cameras will be fined in the amount from 15 to 35 dollars.

In the case of repeated violations, the fine could rise to $ 99.

An exception is made for calls to emergency services, they will not be punished. The decision of the city authorities says that “a pedestrian cannot cross the street or highway, looking at a mobile electronic device”.

The critics of the innovation have already accused the government of excessive regulation of people’s behavior.

“Sometimes I wish we didn’t have to adopt some laws to, possibly, common sense prevailed, but sometimes we lack common sense,” said mayor kirk Caldwell to Reuters.

According to us authorities, incidents with pedestrians who are distracted by mobile phones, has led to a more than 11 thousands injuries in the United States in the period 2000-2011.

Statistics in recent years is not yet published, but most likely, it is even more depressing.

Honolulu is not the first city that is trying to provide security for the “smartphone zombies” – people, not raising his eyes from the phone while walking.

A year ago the authorities of the German Augsburg has placed red warning lights on the sidewalk at the transition to be noticed even those who are not looking around.

In the Chinese city of Chongqing a few years ago made a dedicated pedestrian paths for people with phones.