Caught in the “hell of the Russian show-business” the singer of Rammstein became a meme

Visiting the past in Azerbaijan, the festival of “Heat” Rammstein vocalist till Lindemann has turned into a meme. The reason was published in Instagram account reiband the video, which the musician asks fans for help and hints that have been held hostage by Russian pop stars.

A post shared by ANAR REIBAND (@reiband) on Jul 29, 2017 at 6:20am PDT

The video, which Lindemann holds a piece of paper with the words help (“help”) and secretly winks at the camera, attracted the attention of thousands of users. They began to regret were among the pop stars of the rocker. “The poor man died and went to hell show business,” lamented one of them.

“Hang on, till, Russian fans with you” — supported Lindemann fans, noting that I do not envy the artist.

Generetika (@Esperanza22_11)
30 July 2017, 17:10

A video of the frontman of Rammstein was a response to fans who speculated that the pop star was captured Lindemann prisoner and forced to be photographed with him. The reason was pictures of their idol Olga Buzova, Anita Choi and Joseph Prigogine.

“Dear till Lindemann, I just saw some of your photos from the great artists in Azerbaijan. Please blink twice if you are taken hostage,” asked a user with the nickname Shamil Ramazanov.

Lindemann was the special guest of the festival “Heat”, which takes place in Baku from 27 to 30 July. Singer at the event was invited by the organizers, which were made by Azerbaijani singer Emin Agalarov, founder of “Russian radio” and the prize “Golden gramophone” Sergey Kozhevnikov and entertainer Grigory Leps.