Australian authorities announced the prevention of terrorist act on Board the aircraft

The Australian police conducted a special operation to prevent a terrorist act, in which the conspirators planned to destroy the plane. This was stated by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, reports BBC News Sunday, July 30.

During raids in Sydney and its suburbs arrested four suspects. It is noted that they had seized materials that can be used to make an explosive device.

According to the Commissioner of the Australian Federal police Andrew Colvin, the detainees allegedly were involved in an “Islamist conspiracy”.

“Recently the law enforcement bodies it became known that several people in Sydney are planning a terrorist attack using an improvised explosive device,” he said. Colvin added that details of the planned attacks unknown to the police, so the investigation is likely to take much time.

When this woman from the suburbs of Sydney, her husband and son where arrested, denies that they could be involved in terrorist activities.

In Australian airports have introduced additional security measures.