A group of Russian experts completed the review of airport Cairo



A group of Russian experts completed Friday the test measures and security systems in Cairo international airport.

This was reported by the newspaper Al Youm El Sabea, citing representatives of the airport authority.

According to statements by the Egyptian side, “the Russian experts praised the administration introduced measures, particularly the biometric control system” that was installed less than two weeks before the visit of the group of experts from the Russian Federation. It is noted that the inspection team had meetings with representatives of the security services, and also checked the organization of fire protection in the airport and technique on the visual observation.

The representative of the office of the airport security said that during the inspection and measures taken to ensure the safety of passengers, baggage and process of delivery into the aircraft, “of a brigade of Russian experts was not substantive comments”.

The work of the experts

On Thursday a group of Russian experts checked Luggage compartments, as well as the process of formation and delivery of aircraft containers with food for passengers. Experts from Russia inspected the operation of the cameras on the tarmac and special attention was paid to security gate No. 35, which is used by airport employees to walk on the runway.

They also checked the halls of departures and arrivals in terminal 2. As the representative of the airport authority, “it is assumed that these rooms will be the Russian passengers arrived in Cairo, and waiting to Board the aircraft, in case of resumption of direct flights from the Egyptian capital in the Russian Federation”.

The Russian specialists were familiarized with the security measures when passing in the halls, the operation of the machines for checking Luggage from the moment of a passenger appearance in the hall before boarding the plane and inspected medical equipment, in particular, when passing in the terminal airport staff.

Main tasks

The Russian team of experts consisting of five persons started on July 26. The main tasks are the inspection of security systems in the halls of arrival and departure in the new terminal 2. Besides, specialists from Russia have to diagnose the operation of the new biometric system, which was commissioned about 10 days ago.

The Russian government on 17 February approved the Protocol on aviation security between Russia and Egypt, prepared by the Ministry. The Protocol involves the implementation by the Russian representatives monitor the implementation of aviation security measures by the Egyptian experts in the international airports of Egypt. The timing of the resumption of the flights depend on the performance of the Egyptian side of the comments on the aviation security measures.

At the end of December 2016, Russian aviation specialists held a regular inspection Cairo airport. On January 19 a group of experts from Russia returned after inspection of airports of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. Then the Cairo international airport was not included in the inspection program of the Russian group, since it is not until the end it was installed biometric equipment.

Negotiations on the resumption of air links with Egypt lasts from the end of 2015, the Flights ceased in November 2015, after the attack on Board the plane “Kogalymavia”, which was flying from Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg.