Worshipper of the letter “E” Ural cultist received a suspended sentence

A resident of the City district of Chelyabinsk region, adept religious movements, “Spiritual-Tribal Power Rus” in the centre of the doctrine of which is the worship of the letter “E”, got 2.5 years probation for distribution of extremist materials. On Friday, July 28, according to the Fifth channel.

The movement as extremist six years ago. Then the zealot was sentenced to five years in prison for preaching his doctrine ā€” he distributed pamphlets among the residents of the district. After being released, the man continued missionary work and sent prohibited content to the local authorities. Soon it drew the attention of the Investigative Committee, and he was again in court.

Members of the “Spiritual-Tribal Power Rus” worship the Slavic gods Rod and Lada and honor of the letter “E”, considering it a channel of communication with the cosmos and the Universe.

In 2012, the Ministry of education has developed a draft law regulating the use of the letters “e” and “e”. It was noted that incorrect use of these letters leads to difficulties for citizens when applying to the Registrar, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, bodies of social protection. In December of the same year the Ministry of education issued a clarification: the letter “e” written in cases where it is necessary to prevent an incorrect reading and understanding of the word or when you want to specify the pronunciation of obscure words.