The Sputnik Agency has published a recording of the Ambassador of Bahrain in Russia



Russian news Agency Sputnik has published a recording of the Ambassador of Bahrain in Russia, Ahmed Abdulrahman al-Saati, after the Ambassador said that the Agency had distorted his statement, RIA “Novosti”.

According to the Agency, the Bahraini Embassy has circulated in a number of Arab and Russian media untrue information about the fact that Sputnik had allegedly distorted the words of the Ambassador of Bahrain.

“The Embassy claims that al-Saati did not say that Iran’s attempts to destabilize the situation in the country, stopped. As reported in the press service of Sputnik, the Agency shall publish on the website an audio recording of the conversation of the correspondent with the Ambassador in English where you heard that, in speaking of such attempts, the Ambassador says the following phrase: “And now, I think it ended, after we ended the relationship, diplomatic relations with Iran, and stopped direct flights to Iran, this has decreased almost over, but they still work in secret, under cover,” – said in the message.

It is noted that after the publication of the article on the website of Sputnik, the Embassy has asked the Agency to amend the article and to emphasize that, despite the severance of diplomatic relations, attempts to interfere still continues.

“Since this phrase contains both the Ambassador of the thesis and that the attempts stopped, and that Iran continues to work secretly, Sputnik Agency decided to make a different accent in the title to give a more accurate picture to the readers about what is meant Ambassador (an updated header – Bahrain Ambassador Says Iran Destabilizing Attempts Continue After Rupture Ties)”, – said the Agency.

Sputnik says it has and correspondence with the Ambassador when negotiating quotes, and the Ambassador himself affirms the validity of quotes provided by the Agency.

On the eve of the Bahraini Embassy denied the Ambassador’s statements in an interview with Sputnik.