The Russian military helped to deliver humanitarian aid to the Syrian Eastern ghouta


RIA Novosti

DAMASCUS, 28 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russian military police in Syria assisted in the delivery of humanitarian aid to the international red Crescent on the territory of the armed Syrian opposition in Eastern ghouta, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

This humanitarian aid destined for residents of the controlled by representatives of local armed groups of territories, became the second in recent days. Earlier, the Russian military for the first time conducted a unique operation on delivery of humanitarian aid here, in Eastern ghouta, passing on neutral territory area de-escalate a truck with food to representatives of the armed Syrian opposition. This assistance is a mandatory condition of the cease-fire in the densely populated suburbs of Damascus, where the humanitarian situation remains one of the most difficult in the country.

Before the entry of humanitarian convoy of the red Crescent in Eastern ghouta, the Syrian military carefully inspect five trucks, while the Russian military handed out to local children candy. Soldiers of the Syrian army removed the covering from the machines, inspect the cabin and underbody.

“The militants, even ambulances are used to transport arms, ammunition and mines”, — said the soldier of the government forces of Syrian Bassam Khalaf on his chest, which flaunts a tattoo with the portrait of the commander of his division of Maher al-Assad, younger brother of President Bashar al — Assad. Khalaf then he adds that he is grateful to Russian soldiers for help in restoration of peace in Syria and promised that “if necessary, I am willing to give my life for Russia.”

Representatives of the red Crescent after the inspection and the sealing of the trucks remain on the border zone of Descalzi “East ghouta” on a checkpoint. Now for the security of humanitarian convoy meets the Russian military police. Under their supervision and transferring of the goods to the militants in Eastern ghouta in the hope that aid will reach civilians, which about six years are under siege.

“Trust (representatives of the armed Syrian opposition) only the Russian military police. Anyone else not trust — either the military departments or security. Only the Russian police,” — explains the mission of the military police Centre officer for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria Alexei Tikhonov.

According to the Russian military, with the armed opposition on the delivery of humanitarian aid from international organizations they were able to negotiate for two days.

“International organizations have been trying for several months to coordinate the humanitarian convoys… I am Afraid all opposition, and government agencies. Russian soldiers are the guarantors (the agreements). We check and international organizations, and provide full cooperation (organizations and the armed opposition),” adds Tikhonov.

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