The killer of 19 people sentenced to death in China

Yang Cinpa

The court of the Chinese city of Kunming (Yunnan province in the southwest of the country) sentenced to death the killer of 19 people. About it reports “Xinhua”.

On September 28 last year, Yang Cinpa killed his parents for refusing to give him money. To get rid of possible witnesses, the offender is beaten to death with pick neighbors in the village, just 17 people, including three children. Then tried to hide in Kunming.

However, the police arrested the murderer the next day. During the investigation and at trial, Yan admitted his guilt and apologized to the relatives of their victims. Despite this, the court issued his death warrant. The convict stated that he agreed with the verdict and would not file an appeal.

26 may in China were executed by the former Deputy head of the Committee of National political consultative Council of China (NPKS) Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia (Northern China) Zhao Liping. He was convicted of the murder of a woman in 2015, and also in receiving bribes.