The government has extended the boundaries of the TOR


Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree, which expanded the boundaries of the territory of advancing socio-economic development (TOR) Nadezhdinskiy in Primorsky Krai.

In the document published on the website of the Cabinet says: “the boundaries of the TOR Nadezhdinskiy included two plots of land located in the Vladivostok city district in Primorsky Krai. On these plots will be implemented investment project of LLC “Mazda Sollers manufacturing Rus” for the creation and modernization of capacities of the industrial production of motor vehicles and Mazda engines family SkyActiv-G, including their Assembly and machining basic component of the engine.”

According to the plan of the authorities, extension “Nadezhda” will create new jobs and attract more than three billion rubles of private investment. While total revenues to the consolidated budget from taxes and duties subject of tax benefits for the period 2017-2026 years is projected at more than 11 billion rubles.

Also, the resolution noted that the decisions will allow to start production of new models of the Mazda brand and deepen the localization of production through the production of engines.

We will remind, the territory of advancing socio-economic development “Nadezhda” was established by government decision dated 25 June 2015, and in the autumn there began work the first enterprise – plant “EUROPLAST”.

The main advantage of TOR is its unique geographical position. It is located close to the major far East ports and border crossings in China and the DPRK, at the intersection of several transportation routes: the route Vladivostok – Khabarovsk, the TRANS-Siberian railway and the international transport corridor “Primorye-1” which goes to China.