The EU launched a sanctions procedure for judicial reform in Poland

The European Union has launched a sanctions procedure against Poland due to the ongoing judicial reform, which violates EU law. On Saturday, July 29, the statement of the European Commission.

“The European Commission has launched against Poland the procedure to prevent violations, by sending her a letter with the official notification,” reads the document. It is also noted that this was done after the Warsaw published the law on the courts.

In particular, the EU is concerned about the new law, according to which the Polish Minister of justice may, at its discretion, to dismiss and appoint the presidents of courts, to extend the mandate of the judges who have reached retirement age. Members of the EC believe that in this way the independence of the system and the principle of the irremovability of judges will be compromised.

24 July to the President of Poland Andrzej Duda received three bills, two of which relating to the reform of the Supreme court, he promised to veto. According to them, the Parliament, the majority of which belongs to the ruling party, will have the opportunity to choose 15 of the 25 members of the National judicial Council. It is the body responsible for the appointment of judges and ensure the independence of justice.

Another bill proposes strengthening the powers of the Polish Minister of justice. In particular, he will be able to assign most chief justices of the country and at any time to remove them from office.

The European Commission in the case of the initial versions of the law threatened to deprive Warsaw of voting rights in the EU Council. The draft judicial reform has caused mass protests in the country. The largest demonstration was held in the Polish capital and has collected tens of thousands of people.