Rogozin has accused the West’s reluctance to see Russia strong and free

Dmitry Rogozin

The confrontation between Russia and the West will escalate, said Deputy Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Rogozin, commenting on the failure of Romanian authorities to miss the scheduled flight on which he flew to Moldova. The commentary of the Vice-Premier has posted on his page in Facebook on Friday, July 28.

“What is happening in our relations with the West (and it is he and no one else is behind all these provocations of the Romanian-Moldovan lackeys), and objectively inevitable,” he wrote.

In his opinion, Western countries do not want Russia to be a free and strong country, “They were quite happy hangover Russia of the 1990s”.

The visit of Dmitry Rogozin to Chisinau on Friday was disrupted due to the failure of Romania to miss the airliner of S7 airlines with the Russian delegation. According to the airline, flight S7-157 was prohibited from entering the airspace of Romania service of air traffic under the pretext of being on Board a “sanctioned person”.

Rogozin, who was scheduled to hold talks with the Moldovan President, and Igor Dodon, declared that the Romanian authorities have endangered the lives of passengers of airliner S7, women and children, and promised to respond “reptiles”-Romania for the incident.

The Russian foreign Ministry in turn said that Moscow considers the incident as a deliberate provocation, causing damage to bilateral relations. The Ministry clarified that under the threat was delivered security, more than 160 passengers.