Moscow has said it is “overflowing Cup of patience of Russia” because of the actions of the United States

Sergei Ryabkov

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Ryabkov said that because of U.S. actions “the Cup of Russia was exhausted”. On Friday, July 28, RIA Novosti reported.

Thus Ryabkov commented on the decision of Moscow about the introduction of new anti-American sanctions. The diplomat noted that a set of countermeasures is not confined to the limitation of the number of personnel of the American diplomatic missions in Russia and the arrest of departmenti USA.

“We do not exclude any steps to bring US to life. In the case of continued pressure, we will reply the mirror measures,” Ryabkov promised.

Previously, on 28 July it became known that Moscow offers until September 1 to reduce to 455 people total number of personnel in U.S. diplomatic missions in the Russian Federation. In addition, employees of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow from 1 August will not be able to use the dacha in Serebryany Bor, as well as warehouses on Road street in the capital.

27 July the us Senate passed a bill on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The draft law sent for signature to President Donald Trump, who warned the White house can veto. The bill provides for the reduction to 14 days the maximum period of funding of banks, which are under sanctions, and 30 days — for oil and gas companies.

At the end of December last year, the outgoing administration of US President Barack Obama declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats. In addition, the Russian depravation closed access to two residential complexes, the so — called suburban dachas of Russia’s permanent mission in new York and the Russian Embassy in Washington.