Long sleep was accused in the occurrence of nightmares

Long sleep was accused in the occurrence of nightmares

The people who most often Wake up from nightmares in a cold sweat, probably too long sleep. Researchers from Oxford have identified the causes of nightmares.

Psychiatrists interviewed 846 people to come to the conclusion that nightmares are associated not only with the General level of stress, but with sleep duration. More than nine hours spent in the arms of Morpheus, often end with a “surprise” like a bad dream, reports New Scientist.

The study was conducted in the form of an online survey, we also considered the answers to questions about the use of alcohol and level of physical activity. It turned out that these factors had nothing to do with the occurrence of nightmares.

Meanwhile, often scary dreams have a positive correlation with level of anxiety, stress, and the appearance of hallucinations. But the most unexpected discovery was the relationship with sleep duration.

Most likely, the long sleep means frequent cycles of REM sleep, where “shows” most memorable dreams. The exact causes of occurrences of nightmares, scientists have yet to explore, eliminating a number of errors accompanying method an online survey.