Kosachev intends to find out the percentage of unmatched US assistance programs in Russia

Konstantin Kosachev

© Valery sharifulin/TASS

MOSCOW, July 29. Programs of foreign States that are not coordinated with the authorities of the countries in which they are held, can be considered interference in the internal Affairs of these countries. This opinion was expressed on Saturday, in Facebook, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev in response to the words of the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul that the United States had not intervened in Russian elections, and thereby the reduction of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Russia is unfair decision.

The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee considers it necessary to determine the statistics of similar American programs in Russia.

“When the state (as is very often the United States) from the state budget allocates funds to its agencies and NGO (non-governmental organizations – approx. The TASS) on the development (i.e. democratization) of other countries, without coordinating with another state any objectives or formats, nor the scale of such programmes, this third form – government/your NGO/ NGOs someone else – is always and by definition should be classified as interference in the internal Affairs of another state. Even when it is held under the most noble slogans,” wrote Kosachev.