In the state Duma outraged by the shortsightedness of Warsaw in matters of history

The statement of the Institute of national remembrance (IPN) that the Russian Ministry of defense documents about the liberation by the red Army in Poland falsifiziert history, evidence of Russophobia, the Polish authorities, the Deputy of the state Duma Sergei Zheleznyak. His words RIA Novosti reported on Friday, July 28.

“We are deeply outraged by the blind and irresponsible actions on the part of the official Warsaw. Such steps at the state level allow new extremists to think that they can do anything, and this is a very dangerous signal to the world community, which, of course, there is a robust force able to confront the resurgence of fascism”, — said the MP.

Zheleznyak also said that the Soviet soldiers during the Second world war saved hundreds of thousands of residents of Poland from the Nazis. In his opinion, such statements Warsaw “tramples on the memory of their ancestors”.

Earlier Friday, the IPN issued a comment in connection with the publication of the Ministry of defense of Russia declassified documents about the liberation of Poland. Polish researchers have criticized the statement of the Russian side on the recognition of the poles the soldiers of the red army as liberators.

On July 18, the Russian defense Ministry on its official website posted materials on the red army liberation of Poland from Nazi occupation. On the Agency’s website you can read the telegrams, memoranda, reports and battle reports of the Soviet military.

The documents were published after the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, approved amendments to the law on de-communization, which include the demolition of Soviet monuments.