After the head of Putin’s election headquarters



The headquarters of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections in 2018 could lead his chief of staff Anton Vaino. About this “Vedomosti” citing sources close to the administration of the head of the Russian Federation, and the interlocutor in presidential administration.

According to one of interlocutors of the newspaper, “is now by default all think it will be Vaino”. At the same time, he noted that the decision of the head of staff will be taken by Putin. He recalled that the election campaign is headed by one of the senior officials of the presidential administration (AP).

According to a source in AP, Vaino would be “logical” candidate, “given its traditional functionality, <…> associated with the maintenance schedule of the President”. W. worked at the headquarters of Putin in the elections in 2012.

Another interviewee noted that Dmitry Medvedev and Dmitry Kozak became the leaders of the campaign, as he was “trusted” by others.

Earlier in mass media reported that Putin will participate in the elections in 2018 as a candidate “with broad popular support.” It was reported that the nomination of Putin as the candidate from “United Russia” is unlikely. If he would run as an independent candidate, about his participation in the campaign, he may declare either in the “Forum actions” all-Russia popular front (onf) or other event “people’s format”.

In the past few months Putin has repeatedly said that to talk about the candidates in the presidential election in 2018 yet. In July, during a meeting with students in the educational center “Sirius” in Sochi, the President said that has not yet decided on whether to “walk away” from the post or not.