The us Senate has not adopted the “stripped-down” plan to replace Obamacare

The us Senate has not adopted the “stripped-down” plan to replace Obamacare

MOSCOW, 28 Aug — RIA Novosti. The U.S. Senate voted against the “cut-down” plan for partial substitution of the health care reform Obamacare.

It is reported that support for the plan expressed 49 senators, 51 against.

According to AFP, the deciding vote belonged to Senator-Republican John McCain.

The Republican majority leader in the us Senate Mitch McConnell called the vote results “a disappointment”.

Earlier it was reported that if approved, the bill should have been referred to a conciliation Committee, composed of representatives of both chambers of Congress.

The plan required processing after Tuesday’s failed vote in the Senate: it was supported by 43 senators against were 57, including nine representatives of the Republican majority.

The Republicans are trying to craft a replacement for Obamacare, which obliged the Americans under threat of penalty to buy health insurance and increased taxes on health care, and in exchange has offered subsidies and increased assistance to the poor. The reform carried out by President Barack Obama in 2010 also included measures to enhance competition and reduce the cost of health care, but did not succeed in this regard.

US residents spend on the medicine record 18% of the world’s highest GDP. Both parties in Congress recognize the need for further reform of the health system. While Republicans accused Democrats that they under the pretext of improving the system, raise taxes. Democrats argue that the whole Republican plan for healthcare is nothing like tax cuts for the rich.