Putin urged the police to severity against reckless drivers

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the police to be “stricter with the Scorcher.” He said this on Friday, 28th July, at a meeting with members of the government after the report, interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev on the situation on the roads, reports TASS.

“Of course, the quality of the roads is one of the key issues, but also with the reckless drivers need stricter”, — said the head of state.

Putin reminded that the main causes of accidents with serious consequences — speeding, and leaving the lane of oncoming traffic. “And, of course, intoxication. This need a closer look”, he added.

Earlier, on July 24, KB Strelka has presented proposals to reduce the number of accidents with victims in urban areas. Among them, the optimization of the width of the carriageway, reducing radius turns, raising crosswalks to the level of the sidewalks. The latter measure, in particular, will reduce the speed of the cars on the Zebra in half, I believe in the Bureau.